Vaccine injections sometimes have disastrous, even tragic, consequences. Despite disagreement and controversy on the subject, many people choose to be immunized and have their children inoculated. Like any other medication or treatment, vaccinations can result in acute short-term harm, chronic long-term illness, or even death. Given the risk of adverse effects, it is critical that…

It is Give NOLA Day and Lamothe Law Firm is giving to the New Orleans Family Justice Center. Our law firm has substantial experience in sex abuse and assault cases, and we are passionate about finding justice for our clients. One of the leading family justice centers in the U.S. is in our own backyard….

When a vaccine injury results in disability or death, it can take a substantial toll on a person and his or her family. In addition to the physical and emotional consequences, medical bills, lost income, ongoing medical care and treatment, and other economic costs can be staggering, forcing many to seek their day in court….

Did You Know There Is a Special Court for Vaccine-Related Injuries? Every year, a small percentage of the population – adults as well as children – suffer adverse reactions to vaccinations which range from shoulder and arm pain to severe neurological conditions such as seizures and paralysis, and in some instances death. This is absolutely…

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