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Sexual abuse is distressingly common in America, and isn’t limited by gender, race, or social class. While this has been the case for generations, it doesn’t have to be going into the future. Those who are guilty of abusing others don’t have to go unseen and unpunished. By supporting survivors we can help force abusers to face the consequences they deserve.

Sexual Abuse in Louisiana

Cases of sexual abuse aren’t limited by age, gender, or situation. Every year, over 574,000 people are sexually assaulted and abused. This number includes children, inmates, and adults in the general population, and is most likely an underestimation. These statistics speak to an epidemic, and the criminal justice system has yet to step up to take control of the situation at hand. Only a small percentage of perpetrators see the penalties they are owed, and the courts are rarely kind to victims.

This is why it is vital for survivors to fight back in civil court, where they can hold institutions and perpetrators accountable while getting the compensation they are owed.

Lamothe Law Firm Is Here For You

The attorneys of Lamothe Law Firm are experienced in defending survivors and getting them the compensation they deserve. We will fight tooth and nail to bring justice to the perpetrators while supporting our clients with the compassion and understanding they are owed.

Survivors We Represent

Sexual abuse is rarely simple, and every survivor has their own story. This is why Lamothe Law Firm represents survivors who have been the victims of:

Each situation has its own procedure and statute of limitations, which is why we choose to represent survivors from all backgrounds. We know how difficult seeking justice is, which is why we strive to provide proper support and resources to anyone in need of help.

Recoverable Damages in Sexual Abuse Cases

Civil sexual abuse cases can help survivors regain a sense of control and validation while holding the insitutions and abusers financially accountable. While no settlement can right the wrongs done by the abuse, it can help compensate survivors for the physical and emotional damages they have faced as a result of their abuse.

Victims of sexual abuse are entitled to both special damages (quanitfiable monetary losses from bills expenses) and general damages (qualifiable damages from pain and suffering and emotional and physical injuries). The defense often tries to minimize these damages, denying the true impact of the abuse on the survivor. The truth is that survivors are entitled to damages including:

  • Compensation for physical pain and suffering
  • Compensation for emotional pain and suffering, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Compensation for the cost of past and future medical care and treatment
  • Loss of income and earning opportunities
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Sexual abuse can cause damage beyond just the survivor, impacting friends and family as well. In cases in which the victim died or committed suicide as a result of the assault the family and estate of the victim can seek damages for wrongful death. In certain cases, Louisiana law also allows for punitive damages to be imposed.

Seeking Justice For Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Victims

Sexual abuse is a complicated and deeply personal issue, and we are here to support the decisions of survivors and to fight to keep institutions from allowing sexual abuse to go unimpeded. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse we ask you to please contact us so we can get you the compensation you deserve. The lawyers of Lamothe Law Firm are experienced, understanding, and here to help.

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