What Sexual Assault Survivors Can Expect During an Initial Consultation With a Lamothe Law Firm Attorney

If you have been sexually assaulted, coming forward to pursue justice against your abuser can be difficult, and sharing your experience with a lawyer – even one you know – can be an emotional hurdle.

At Lamothe Law Firm, we understand the pain a sexual abuse survivor feels, and we respect their courage in stepping forward, speaking out, and seeking to hold an assailant responsible. When you first contact us, you can expect compassion and professionalism.

The First Call

When you initially contact our firm, know that we will treat everything you tell us from that point forward as strictly confidential. Lamothe Law Firm attorneys are not only knowledgeable about the law, but we also have the utmost empathy for survivors and their feelings and situations.

We have experience with cases involving various kinds of sexual misconduct, such as:

Child Sexual Abuse
Clergy Sexual Abuse
Nursing Home Sexual Abuse
Prisoner Sexual Assault
Human Sex Trafficking

During that first call, you will be asked some preliminary questions, which you can answer at your own pace and comfort level. Rest assured, we will treat you with respect and empathy. Establishing a trusting relationship with you is our highest priority, and we’ll likely request you to schedule an appointment to consult with one or more of our attorneys in person at our office. If you prefer talking to and working with an experienced male or female lawyer, we’ll honor your wishes.

The Initial Consultation

At that first consultation, we ask that you bring all the paperwork, photographs, text and email communications, recorded voicemails, and other items related to your sexual assault. Don’t worry if you don’t have certain documentation – we can obtain medical records, police reports, and other evidence with your authorization later. We might send you a questionnaire ahead of the meeting; we ask that you please answer as completely as possible and bring it with you as well.

During your consultation, a lawyer or lawyers will ask about the facts and circumstances of your sexual abuse. We promise not to rush you – take your time, tell us all you can recall, and know you will be in a safe space. It’s critical that we have all the information you can provide and that you feel comfortable and trust us.

And we want you to ask whatever questions you have, too – you’ll probably have many. We’ll be happy to answer them all so you have a clear picture of what we can do for you, our thoughts about your case, and steps for moving forward.

Fees & Costs

Many people are worried about the costs of hiring a lawyer or pursuing a legal claim. The Lamothe Law Firm does not charge a fee or assess any costs unless we obtain a verdict or negotiate a settlement in your favor. More simply, you don’t pay unless we win for you.

We represent sexual assault survivors and other clients on a contingency basis, meaning that payment for our services and the costs we incur during the lawsuit are contingent upon us successfully recovering compensation for you. Every case is different: some lawsuits settle quickly while others go all the way to trial and may then be appealed, often taking years to resolve. Regardless of how long it takes, our contingency arrangement won’t change.

Deciding to Work Together

Once we sufficiently understand your situation, we’ll give you our opinion of the merits of your case and whether we reasonably think we can prevail in a lawsuit on your behalf. Please understand that even if we don’t think the merits are strong enough to win, that doesn’t mean we don’t believe you or that the sexual assault didn’t happen. By accepting a case on a contingency basis, we promise to invest time and money into pursuing your claim, and we must make a sensible business decision.

But you have a decision to make, too. Do you have faith in your Lamothe Law Firm attorney? Is there chemistry and rapport between you? Do you like them and feel comfortable talking with them? Have we instilled trust? If the answer is no to any of these questions, we might not be the right fit. While we may be disappointed you don’t choose us, we will respect your decision and may recommend other lawyers who can help.

The Contract of Employment

When you decide to retain the Lamothe Law Firm, we’ll provide you with a contract of employment that thoroughly explains the nature of our attorney-client relationship, including the duties of representation and confidentiality we owe you, the fee and cost structure, and mutual expectations. Once you’ve reviewed the agreement, we’ll ask you to sign it, and our efforts to recover compensation for you will formally begin. Please note, however, that no work will be done on your matter until you sign and return the contract of employment.

We Look Forward to Representing You

Lawsuits can be complex, confusing, and emotional, especially when sexual abuse allegations are involved. Here is our pledge to you:

• We will never call you a “victim” of sexual assault. You are a “survivor!”
• We will communicate with you about all aspects of your case.
• We will answer all your questions and give honest – sometimes brutally honest – responses.
• We will promptly respond to your calls, emails, questions, and requests.
• We will always be professional, respectful, courteous, and compassionate.
• We genuinely and sincerely want to help you obtain justice from the person or people who have harmed you, and we will put in the effort to deliver the best possible outcome.

If you or someone you care about is a survivor of sexual abuse, assault, or misconduct, please contact the Lamothe Law Firm today. Depending on your situation, you may have only a limited time to file a legal claim. We look forward to your call and our initial consultation.

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