Lamothe Law Firm Investigating Injury and Damage Claims After Hard Rock Hotel Construction Accident

by Frank E. Lamothe, III

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The catastrophic October 12, 2019, construction accident at the site of the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans has been a tragedy for those seriously injured, as well as for the families of those workers who died. The collapse of the half-built structure near the French Quarter, and the potential for additional harm and loss, poses an ongoing danger for businesses and residents in the area surrounding the site who have been displaced or forced to shutter their stores and offices indefinitely.

Rescue and recovery workers continue to sift through the wreckage, and engineers are trying to stabilize the structure without causing further damage. At the same time, experts and federal investigators want answers as to why this disaster happened, and those injured or impacted by the collapse have questions about who can be held accountable for their losses.

Lamothe Law Firm, New Orleans’ premier personal injury and business litigation law firm, is closely monitoring developments in the investigation and meeting with those who suffered physical or economic damage from this construction-related accident to determine whether they have claims for compensation against those responsible.

Workers Expressed Safety Concerns Before the Collapse

While large construction work sites like the Hard Rock site always present risks and dangers, a failure of this magnitude does not typically occur unless someone did not do his or her job correctly, did not follow the appropriate design, engineering, or safety standards, or was otherwise negligent or reckless.

We now know that in the days and weeks before the hotel’s collapse, workers on the site expressed serious concerns about the design and construction methods used on the project. CBS News reports that laborers noted several serious problems that could have directly led to the structure’s demise, and a video has surfaced that “purports to show the concrete slab above an upper level of the Hard Rock sagging to the point of bending temporary posts, called shoring jacks, that supported it.”

The shortcomings and dangers were so ominous that one worker in the video said, “Look at these large stretches (between supports) and s–t beams! (unintelligible) They’re already to the point of breaking… What a very s–t structure these architects and engineers are building! … This is seriously bad…”

Another worker was quoted as saying, “The whole crew joked about how bad it was. We all joked we’d never stay in that hotel.”

Long-Term Health Problems

The losses suffered because of this catastrophic construction accident are anything but a laughing matter, however.

Those now working to assess the damage, address ongoing safety issues, and sift through the rubble and debris include individuals who were also called to Ground Zero in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. But that is not the only connection between the two tragedies.

Serious, long-term, and often fatal health problems have afflicted thousands of workers who spent weeks and months inhaling or coming into contact with the toxic dust that lingered over the site of the Twin Towers. Lung and respiratory issues, cancer, and other health issues similar to those experienced by 9/11 workers may also develop in workers at the Hard Rock site, and business owners and residents, though many of these conditions may not manifest for months or years.

Economic Damage to Local Businesses and Residents

Even for those who were not physically injured or don’t experience health problems, the disruption to lives and businesses caused by the hotel’s collapse has led to losses that are just as real. With residents displaced, businesses closed, and revenue from tourists and customers lost for the foreseeable future, the disaster has caused and continues to cause immeasurable harm to those in the area, including property damage, business interruption, lost profits, and the costs and inconvenience of relocation.

Hard Rock Hotel Construction Accident Claims

At Lamothe Law Firm, we are committed advocates for construction workers, business owners, displaced residents and others who suffered and continue to suffer losses due to what appears to be major acts of negligence on the parts of those whose duty it was to build a safe structure and protect the lives of those on and around the site.

We are currently available to meet with individuals, families, residents, and businesses impacted by the Hard Rock Hotel disaster to discuss claims for compensation based on:

  • Personal Injury or Illness
  • Wrongful Death
  • Business Interruption and Profit Losses
  • Lost Wages
  • Property Damage
  • Evacuation Inconvenience and Expenses

To schedule a free consultation about your Hard Rock Hotel construction accident claim with one of the experienced Louisiana catastrophic injury and business litigation attorneys at Lamothe Law Firm, contact our office at 504-704-1414.


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