Lisa Ciuffi, our senior paralegal, recently ran a race for the Cleft for a Cause organization.

Hannah and Isabella Summersgill are sisters who founded the non-profit organization in 2013. The non-profit seeks to contribute all it can to assist affected families in need of help. Their mission is to raise funds to provide necessities for children in need of cleft-palate reconstructive surgeries. They donate 100% of donations to the David Hoffman Memorial Fund, a foundation set up by the Cleft Team of Children’s Hospital in New Orleans to provide funds for expenses for patients and families. These expenses may include cleft-palate reconstructive procedures, dental implants, money for gas, hotels, picnics (patients are given the opportunity to meet other children with cleft palates), teen lunches (lunches specifically for teen cleft palate patients), and other costs suggested by the Cleft Team.


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