The Lamothe Law Firm regularly represents people involved in car accidents. Our goal is to get our clients the maximum financial compensation possible. We are happy to say we were able to negotiate a successful settlement for our client who had an automobile accident.

In October, 2014, our client was on her way to work at in the intensive care unit at a New Orleans area hospital. Then, a 70,000 pound cement mixer truck hit her broadside and caused her to suffer a herniated disc in her neck. In April 2015, she had a discectomy and fusion to repair her injury, but she remained in pain and could no longer perform her duties as a certified ICU nurse. As a young person, she faced an enormous future economic loss.

After filing suit in federal court, Richard Martin and Lamothe Law Firm’s litigation team promptly retained the experts needed to effectively present our client’s case to a jury: her operating neurosurgeon, an economist, and a vocational rehabilitation counselor. Then, when faced with the threat of a motion for summary judgment, the defendant stipulated to liability. This set the stage for a settlement conference before a U.S. Magistrate Judge and a successful settlement for $850,000. Only nine months elapsed from the day the suit was filed until a very favorable plaintiff’s settlement.

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